Founded in 2009, Ten33 is an Incident Command Software designed with one purpose in mind -- enabling 1st Responders to better protect their communities. 

We do this by providing 1st Responders critical information in a fast, flexible, secure, and simple user-interface that enables it's users to make more accurate, quicker decisions.

Designed by 1st Responders, for 1st Responders, Ten33 was created by a School Resource Officer, and a 911 systems IT expert who saw gaps in the existing technology that was being used by their colleagues -- gaps which put these colleagues, and their community, at risk. With a desire to eliminate these gaps, Ten33 was developed to provide time-critical information to 1st Responders when they need it - where they need it.

Although not in use today, the name "Ten33" is taken from the former ten code used by police of an almost forgotten era -- reminding it's users of a time in which the communities we lived and served were not only safer, but enjoyed a level of trust and respect which we are striving to re-create for future generations.

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Ryan Taylor; Co-Founder, CEO

Ryan has worked in the Information Technology field for over 15 years in varied positions. He has worked in and managed several teams in large and small corporate America.  He also worked 10 years in the local government IT space dedicated to 911 technologies.

He has helped to start and run several successful businesses and enjoys giving back to his community through various service organizations. 

His true passion is creating a safer environment for everyone to live, and was the other half of the equation in starting Viper Technologies LLC in 2009, Jacob Peper.  Although their initial vision was to create safer schools,  this vision has evolved over time to create safer communities to work, live, and play. 

Mark Marrott - Emergency Management  

Mark began his career in public safety more than 25 years ago as a wildland firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service. As a crew boss and engine foreman, he led his team of 20 firefighters through dangerous situations, ensuring their safety by fostering teamwork and trust. 

Currently he consults and trains various public safety and private sector organizations for incident management and disaster planning. 

Mark earned a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management and an Associate’s degree Emergency Services.  He has also provided leadership as Executive Director of Utah Hand-cycle, and as a board member of the State of Idaho and the State of Utah Vocational Rehabilitation Advisory Councils.   

Mark was involved in an accident in 2008 that put him in a wheelchair. He enjoys camping, fishing, and hand-cycle racing. Racing his hand-cycle he has competed, a triathlon and in several marathons including finishing the 2014 St George Marathon with a PR time of 1:03:48

Steve Meyers - Sales

Steve began his career 38 years ago working with IBM after successfully completing four years in the Navy as an advanced aviation electronics tech.  The following 17 years with IBM involved Systems Engineering for large and small systems along with major accounts sales.  

Following a 1994 IBM downturn, Steve refocused his career with Nike in the Portland area as a Client Engineering Manager eventually becoming the International Director for NIKE Client Engineering as an outsourced employee of Lockheed Martin and then ACS.  During the last 8 years with Xerox, having purchased ACS, Steve worked with large enterprise clients such as Marriott, Disney, Allergan and many others as a Client Systems outsourcing subject matter expert.  

His passions include his wife of 38 years, motorcycles, skiing – water and snow, and enjoying the great Northwest beauty that surrounds his home.

Ten33 is the intelligent way for Emergency Responders to 
prepare, command, and respond
for critical incidents.
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